You know your business...

We know how to make you an effective website!

We realize that there are thousands of other website creation websites out there.  We believe that we are the company best suited to fill your needs.

NetGain Promotions specializes in Low Cost Small Business Or Medical Website Creation.  Our approach when creating your site, is to offer direct contact in a collaborative atmosphere that will yield optimum results.

We believe that the process of creating a website should not be a budget busting painful process.  Our rates are extremely competitive. Compare and see for yourself. By being selective in our acceptance of our jobs we can best serve our target market.

You will know what your site will cost up front!

No hidden costs!

Our work speaks for itself:

  • We design and create websites for small business owners and physicians from the ground up.
  • We construct the site to your needs and do not use templates to make our pages.
  • Your pages are created for you exclusively.
  • We use your colors, and your ideas to build your site.
  • We build our sites with both the owner and web site surfer/user in mind. 
  • Our sites are above all well planned and easy to navigate.
  • Our sites contain uncluttered pages free of excess text and and are free of busy designs, which drive visitors away.
  • Our sites do not feature annoying and distracting elements such as repeating animations and music that will drive visitors away in seconds. 

We believe that the person visiting a small business website is looking for information and that they are entitled to find it quickly and easily. .  We believe that your site should do its best to convince them that you are their best choice.

Visitors have come to your site because they are ready to buy!

Most visitors want to know immediately:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What is your product/products or service?
  • Where you are
  • How to purchase from you

We know that:

  • Most people looking at small business sites are local
  • They want to learn as quickly as possible what you can do for them

Our sites are designed to serve your business or practice best based on the information that you give us.  You know your business better than anybody else.  You know the information that is important to provide to your clients/customers in order that they can learn about you and decide to patronize your business.  Our service works because it is keyed to meet your personal needs by collaborating with you.

We tell you at the onset of the process exactly what it will cost you! Try to find that from another provider! There are no hidden costs and you will know exactly what your site will cost right up front.

Visit our Rates Page to learn more.

If you want a very low cost and effective Small Business or Medical Website, NetGain Promotions is here to serve you!