We operate under two very important philosophies:

1. Your website should be as economical as possible.
2. You should know from onset how much the site will cost.


Your site will be constructed to meet your needs. Each site constructed will have a different cost attached to it according to the client's specific needs. However, you can closely estimate in advance what your site will cost you by using the following rate guidelines.

No cost will ever be added for work on your site without your prior knowledge and approval.

Prices For Our Services
Bold text items are required items. All other items optional

Depending upon the size of the site required we will agree on a set price for the site creation.

Example: A simple 4 page small business site will cost from $500.00 to $600.00. Larger sites will cost more. The cost will depend upon the needs of the client and size of the site. Other additional service charges, if needed, are listed in the table below:

Copy writing (Text for your pages) $30.00 per hour
Logo/Title Creation $30.00 per hour
Image Gallery Creation Fee: $125.00
Hosting set up $30.00
Digital Imagery (scanning/retouching etc.) $30.00 per hour
Form set up $30.00 per hour
Shopping Cart Set up $30.00 per hour
Web Site Maintenance (1 Year) $350
Search Engine Optimization NO CHARGE!
Create QR Code For Printed Materials/Ads NO CHARGE!
Register Site With Google/Search Engines NO CHARGE!

Hosting/Domain Registration

Hosting and domain name registration is an additional cost to the client. Since many clients may already have their own domain name, and hosting, we do not include this cost in the table above. If you do not have your domain name registered, or a hosting plan, NetGain Promotions is proud to offer domain name registration and hosting for your website. All you need to is go to our domain/hosting site and purchase your domain name and hosting plan. It's easy and economical!

As a service to you, we will, as a service to you, set up your hosting if you want us to, at a one time fee of $30.00. If you have set up your domain name and hosting yourself there is no set up fee. All you need do is provide us with the log-in information.

Other Services

Hosting providers provide many different web site related services at a wide variety of prices. You will find the NetGain domain name/hosting service competitive.

You can determine the cost of these services by visiting our hosting/domain name website.

If you are new to this it is very strongly advised that you consult with us by phone to learn your options, and how to avoid unnecessary services and costs.