Your Practice Is The Result Of Your Extraordinary Efforts And Excellence-

Let Us Create A Website For You To Let The World Know About This!

Few professions demand more of anyone's time than that of a physician.  Doctors are busy people and lead very busy lives. The practice demands so much of the physician that there is little time left over for anything else. Accordingly, few doctors have websites that showcase their expertise and their practice. There is simply no time to go through the process of creating and setting up a website. NetGain Promotions is dedicated to changing this.  We will handle all of the details.  All you need do is decide what you want on your site. You choose the colors, backgrounds and images that you like. (We will assist you in doing this.) We do all the rest.

A physician’s web site can reap huge benefits. Your website is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  All of the information on your site is available to not only your current patients, but also potential patients.

With a website, you have the ability to showcase yourself, your staff and your facility instantly to potential patients.

Your Personal Medical Website Will Promote And Inform:

For An Example Of A Doctor's Website Created By Us: Click Here

Potential patients can immediately see an image of you, your facility and your staff. This visual introduction cannot be over estimated in value. A clickable map on the site will lead them directly to your office.

It is very a very difficult process to choose a physician for most people.  Your website can simplify that choice.  People looking for physicians are eager for information about their potential doctor.  Currently they have few options.  They may look in the yellow pages and hope for the best, ask friends and others to refer a doctor, or be referred to a specialist by their family doctor.  Sometimes this process can be, shall we say, “imperfect” at best.  Your website can welcome and inform new patients and will instill confidence at the same time.

Your website will provide important information to your patients and potential patients.

With an FAQ page you can allow patients and others to learn a wealth of information by visiting your website.  This page can answer all of the important questions about your specialty that patients either forget to ask, or are too shy to mention.

Your medical website can even contain forms that visitors can print out and fill out at home and bring them already filled out to the office.  Alternatively, the form can be set up to be completed on-line and e-mailed to office staff.

If you provide services, for example weight loss/nutrition programs or other out-of-office services, links to the website of the provider can be placed on your site. (See links page on sample website above)

Informational links to existing medical informational websites of your choice can be provided. You can send your visitors to the websites that you personally recommend and thereby avoid much of the misinformation that is present on the Internet.

The potential of your new website is limited only by your imagination! We will create exactly the site that is right for you and your practice.